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Heather Hughes

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Kamie has been such an inspiration and supporter of me and my business.   Sometimes you never know when someone is coaching you or giving you advice.  Every time I see Kamie she has a way of talking to you (me) in a very non-coachey way – more like a friend and gives real advice that works!  I have worked with many coaches since starting my business.  None of them have given me straight advice that have given me instant results like the advice Kamie has given me!

Cathi Marcheskie Maziarz

Glass Slipper Concierge

In a hour and a half, Kamie was able to help me sort through the jumbled mess in my brain.  I have been through many other help sessions and came away more confused than before or still with unanswered questions. 

Kamie helped me organize my thoughts to come up with a 30 second introduction that made sense and I was able to clearly state what service I was providing.  

She also made me realize that I was helping people create a level of happy that I didn't know existed.  I like that thought.  

We chatted about so many different topics and her advice helped me on the road to getting my mojo back!  

Since our chat my confidence has grown.  My sales have increased.  I am President of a newly chartered networking chapter that is breaking all kinds of records within the organization.  

By the end of our conversation, I felt like the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders, and I still feel that way.  

I highly recommend Kamie as your guru!    

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Jessica Selig Mull

Unstoppable Transformations

In this day in age when someone claims they have super powers you might look at them a little funny! But not when it comes to Kamie! After the first time I met Kamie and learned about her, I began to admire her as role model.  She exemplified everything that I strive to be!   She is unstoppable! And when she hits a goal, she makes new ones and never stops! So when Kamie offered to help me re-discover “My Why” - we spoke for prob 2 hours. She had me speechless and in tears. She made me think about things and truly look even deeper! She pulled at my heart strings and made my brain speechless which I didn’t know was possible! I’m so grateful she came into my life! I know I am a better and stronger person because of her!

She's Invincible: The Podcast School Testimonials

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