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SHe's Invincible: The Podcast
Ranked #42 in Entrepreneurship in the U.S. 

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SHe's Invincible: The Podcast Reviews

Real talk, not filler!

S0 many podcasts have so much fluff and filler. This one is great because Kamie asks great questions, and really leans into the good, the bad, and the ugly-- what is really important when it comes to entrepreneurship. If everything looks too shiny, too easy, too simple, then it can leave people feeling like failures. The truth is we're all just 'bozos on the bus' trying to figure it out, and honesty matters. 

Sarah P. 

Lots of real inspiration!

I love that Kamie brings a great variety of stories to the podcast, and especially entrepreneurs who are willing to share the real truth about their journeys. I find it so much more inspirational to hear from women who are willing to open up about the difficult and ugly parts of being in business and how they got through it all.


Excellent Show!

Wonderful show! Kamie brings on excellent guests and has a lot of inspirational and thoughtprovoking conversations.

Max M.

Kamie rocks!

Thanks to Kamie for bringing her light and energy into the world! Her guests always have such inspiring stories. I loved Frances Yahia and the mercury retrograde episode. Definitely recommend!


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