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Polka Dot Powerhouse

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Polka Dot Powerhouse is a women's connection group. Our goal is to connect positive, action-forward, drama-free women. We connect them to collaborate, do business together and build friendship.


What separates us from other groups is that we put friendship before business.  Since people do business with those they know, like, and trust we focus on building the friendships first.  We have an abundance mentality so we are not category exclusive and we bring women together to grow personally and professionally. 

Many female Entrepreneurs and business owners find it extremely helpful to connect with other women in their community that can support them in their personal growth and business development.

Click here to find a chapter near you!

The Mary Kay Foundation


Eliminate Cancer

Will you be the one in three women diagnosed with some form of cancer during your lifetime? If not, you will likely know her. She may be your friend, neighbor, mother, sister or even your daughter. With your support, The Mary Kay Foundation is dedicated to eliminating cancers affecting women.

End Domestic Violence

Home should be a safe haven. Unfortunately, the homes of thousands of women and children are plagued by domestic violence. With your help, The Mary Kay Foundation is committed to stopping the violence, breaking the silence and making a difference for these women and children.

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Started by a Woman for Women.


Mary Kay celebrates more than 55 years of Enriching Women's Lives, and Mary Kay products are sold in nearly 40 countries.

Our values-based company has purpose and staying power.

Rely on a proven business model that helps women discover extra income, empowered choice, and true beauty from the inside out. 

Girl Power
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